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but they want to be. more than anything.

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Name:Theodore "Teddy" Altman
Birthdate:May 15

Character Information
Name: Theodore "Teddy" Altman
Code Name: Hulkling
Canon: Marvel Comics, "Young Avengers", Earth-616
Time Period: Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers Volume 1
Age: 16 17 18
Wing Color: Green with a mockingbird pattern, but the color and patterns vary.

"Teddy Altman is the son of the Kree Captain Marvel. Like his late father, Teddy protects the planet as Hulkling."

Teddy Altman may not be normal to others; He's half-Kree and half-Skrull, an unashamed gay man, and also a huge fanboy. He is also a super hero... in training. He keeps his calm as well as the peace within the group, and though he's lost his entire biological family, he has one within his team, one that he's willing to protect with his life. Or, at least, with his incredible shape-shifting skills. So it doesn't matter if he isn't normal; At his core, he's kind and polite, and he's always willing to do the right thing, like a true Avenger.

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Player Information
Name: Kukki [personal profile] kukki
Preferred Contact: Shokora Kukki on AIM
Plurk: [ profile] aurion

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